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Fellas Talking Butt-Naked In The Locker Room

Summer is right around the corner and folks are hitting the gym working on their "summertime fine" bodies. For some, especially the fellas, a good workout means getting all sweaty. Getting all sweaty usually means getting all funky. And getting all funky means taking your butt to the locker room and getting in the shower. 

Now the locker room can be a totally different experience. Some guys just don't feel comfortable holding conversations with other guys who are letting it all "hang out." Yes, everyone has the same body parts, but for some reason it can make folks feel VERY uncomfortable. 

Shirley asked the fellas how they felt about guys talking to them with their "balls to the wall" and to no surprise, they weren't having it! 

Take a listen:

Are you comfortable with talking butt-naked in the locker room?

Photo: Getty Images