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Whitney Houston's Bible Is For Sale

Reportedly Whitney Houston left behind her bible when she moved out of her Newport Beach pad and now her former landlord is selling it for $95,000.

The owner claims he found the bible in a box by the trash and contacted Whitney's agent, who said he could keep it. The bible is said to have her handwriting all over it, with intimate details about about her life including her name and Robert B. Brown with the date July 18, 1992...which matches up. Under births, it lists Bobbi K. Kristina with the date of March 4, 1993...which matches up as well!

Still...$95,000 is a lot of money! 

Take a listen to what Nephew Tommy had to say about getting Steve Harvey to sign his bible and why he would start the selling price at $250,000!

I mean, the Nephew makes some great points! Unc has been blessed with several TV shows, clothing lines, books and so much more.

May the Lord be with you! 

PHOTO: Getty Images