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"Let's Get It On"

Some men are built like the "Energizer Bunny," they can keep going and going and going.

In this Strawberry Letter, a 67-year-old man writes in concerned that his 64-year-old wife feels they are "too old" to be having sex. Since her hip replacement, there hasn't been any "motion in their ocean." He loves his wife and doesn't want to cheat on her, but he still desires sex. 

Take a look:

Dear Steve and Shirley, 

In the spring of 1976 during my senior year of college, I met a girl…she was a sophomore. We hit it off immediately and we became inseparable. After my graduation, l accepted a job in New York and we would see each other twice a month. After she graduated, we eloped and on our wedding night, we had sex for the very first time. Lionel Richie was our favorite entertainer and like his song, we would be at it “all night long,” every night!  When the children came along, we slowed things down a bit and they become our priority, but we still had a very active sex life. Two years ago, my wife had to get hip replacement surgery and since then, we haven’t had sex. She is now 64 years old and I’m 67 and she told me that we are too old to keep having sex. But there is nothing wrong with me. I still have the energy of a younger man.  l don’t think that l can live without sex. I don't want to have an affair on my wife because my father was a cheater and I saw how it hurt my mother and our family, so I’d never do that. There is nothing physically wrong with my wife. Her hip is fine now… we’ve been out dancing and it was just fine. So I can’t figure out why she doesn’t want to have sex with me. Steve and Shirley, you are younger, but you’re wise beyond your years, so help me out here. What do you think l should do?

What do you think he should do?

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