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For Cat Daddys Trying to Attract Younger Women

Summer is here and it's that time of year where ladies are pulling out their favorite sun dresses. Sun dresses that give hope to "cat daddys" aka older men hoping to get a shot at a young "tinderoni."

Little do they know, these young girls are not checking for them in the slightest bit. However, where there is a will, there is a way. 

J. Anthony Brown lists the rules that old men need to abide by in order to attract younger women.

Things Old Men Need To Stop Doing To Attract Younger Women

  1. Stop walking around with a bluetooth in your ear. 
  2. If you got a headshot that goes over your head like you're an air traffic controller, get rid of that.
  3. Don't wear long jackets and wide pants.
  4. Get rid of your fanny pack.
  5. Don't mix jogging suits together - like Nike sweatshirt, Adidas sweatpants, Under Armour hat with Converse shoe.

Now that's only a few, but let me tell you right now...Tommy fits the bill for the most part. 

Listen at your own risk and pray that you or someone you know is NOT breaking ANY of these rules!

PHOTO: Getty Images