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Carla Is Back From The Bahamas And Has Baby Fever!

Finally our girl Carla Ferrell is back after a fabulous vacation in the Bahamas!

The "Bahama Mama" admits to the crew that while enjoying many days of frolicking on the beach and "playing in the sand," that her and her hubby, Tosh were getting "busy" trying to get pregnant! *gasp* (Yes, you read that correctly!) Carla confesses to Shirley that, "we tried girl, we tried" and that "it was fun trying."

While Carla gushes about having "baby fever," Nephew Tommy doesn't want any parts. This fool said that if his wife got pregnant, he'd run away...even it it had to be on a bike. Heck, he went so far to say he'd leave "on anything that has wheels. Lol

Go Tommy, GO!

As you know Unc had to chime in to say that he didn't plan "not nan one" of his 7 kids. So you already know that having another child is not even an option for him and his wife Marjorie!   

Take a listen:

These fools are crazy! Lol