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Carla Ferrell Vacations In Los Cabos

Over the weekend, Carla Ferrell vacationed in Los Cabos with her beautiful family. 

If there is one thing to admire about our girl Carla is that along with being the program director of a nationally syndicated morning radio show, she understands and values her relationship with her daughter, Tosha.

And by the looks, hubby Tosh enjoys his daddy-daughter time as well.

But the highlight of the trip seemed to be when the female pilot of United Airlines flight to Los Cabos, Mexico allowed Tosha to sit in the cockpit and told her that "she can be anything that she wants to be!"

Take a look at what United Airlines had to say:

Huge thanks goes to United Airlines for inspiring our young girls that #shecan be anything she wants to be!

PHOTO: @lipsbycar (IG)