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Register Today To Sista Strut With Carla Ferrell & 104.5 KISS FM

Join our girl, Carla Ferrell and our family at 104.5 KISS FM on Saturday, September 15, 2018 at Memorial Park for the Inaugural Cracker Barrel Sista Strut 3K Breast Cancer Walk in Houston, TX. 

The Sista Strut Walk for Breast Cancer raises awareness for breast cancer, specifically in the African American community and help to provide information on community resources.

Studies show that African American women are more likely to get breast cancer at a younger age and have a death rate from breast cancer twice that of Caucasian women of the same age. With that in mind, Sista Strut recognizes the strength of survivors, their family and friends, heightening awareness, promoting early detection and the importance of continuing the search for a cure. 

Now we need YOU to get involved!

We are our sister's keeper. 

Gather up your team and register today!


  1. Go to the registration website
  2. Select "REGISTER NOW" on the right hand side.
  3. Select your form of payment
    1. Either Credit/Debit Card or Money Orders (Cash/Check link)
    2. We do not accept cash or personal checks.
    3. Please note when using a credit card, there is a $3 per person processing fee.
  4. Select "Team Member".
  5. Complete the form with your information.
  6. Once you get to "Team Name", select from the list of teams available. If you are creating a new team, select "Create A New Team".
    1. Please note the system does not save team names from previous years.
  7. If you are registering for multiple people, you will select "+Another Registration For This Event" on the checkout screen and follow the same steps.

The cost is $30 per team member. Registration fee includes the Sista Strut t-shirt as well as a backpack and an opportunity to take a team photo at the event. A team can consist of 2+ people. Each participating member of a team must sign-up as a team member in order to receive the Sista Strut t-shirt and backpack.

Pricing scale: June 15 - July 15: $15 per individual/$20 per team member

July 16 - August 15: $20 per individual/$25 per team member

August 16 - September 16: $25 per individual/$30 per team member

For more information visit: