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Steve Harvey Wants You To "Catch Fire Today!"

Today is the day for you to "catch fire." Today is the day that you must declare that you will live your best life! Now in order to do so, you must take note from Steve Harvey and "let your past be your past." Your past is behind you and you don't live there any more. Don't judge your future by where you've been, but rather where you want to go. 

Understand that the life of your dreams is on an open road. You are in the driver's seat. You cannot drive your car, your life, by looking in a small rear view mirror. In order to take your life to places beyond your wildest imagination, you must look through the big windshield right there in front of you. 

Take a listen as Unc explains why you must put the pedal to the metal and set the path to living your best life ablaze.

Ready, set, GO!!!!!!

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PHOTO: Getty Images