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Junior Responds: "Subject: My Fiancé Might Need To Go Back To His Ex"

Our favorite play cousin, Kier 'Junior' Spates, fills in for  Shirley Strawberry for The Strawberry Letter Live After Show to address the letter, "Subject: My Fiance Might Need To Go Back To His Ex."

Yes Rih Rih, our sentiments EXACTLY!

In this letter,  a woman writes in about the family of her soon-to-be husband and how disrespectful they are towards her. His kids and ex-wife constantly call her out of her name and shockingly enough, her fiancé doesn't do a thing about it. He acts as if everything is normal. Meanwhile she's left feeling sad and alone, which is totally unacceptable. I mean, WHO doesn't want their man to stick up for them!?

"Dear Steve and Shirley,

I am an engaged 33-year-old female. I don’t have any children, but my fiancé has 2 children, ages 17 and 14. When the children are with us, I do anything I can to make them happy. Sometimes they try to be nice to me, but most of the time they are very disrespectful. When they don’t get their way, they have gone so far as to call me an “airhead” and “stupid” to my face! I always manage to keep my composure, but what I really want to tell them is that their mother is an uneducated and unemployed, stupid airhead!  My fiancé’s ex-wife calls me all kinds of names around the children, so they think it’s okay to treat me any kind of way. To make matters worse, I recently went to the oldest child’s high school graduation with my fiancé. After the graduation, we went to the graduation party and it was at his ex-mother-in-law’s house. I was not comfortable going over there because I knew there was going to be some drama. Just like I expected, the ex-wife and her mom were nasty acting and the children ignored me. My fiancé acted like it was no big deal. He was acting like he was still part of their family the whole time. He had a good time laughing and talking to his ex-wife’s family members while I sat there looking crazy. He acts like he's blind to all the shade that his kids and his ex-wife throw at me. There is no way that I will ever be able to accept this. So do you think there is a way for this us to work through this or should I run now, before the wedding? Please help."

Now for many, the answer would be simple... get like Forest and "run for the hills!" 

In this Strawberry Letter Live, Junior tells the woman that "the biggest problem is the man that you are with. If he don't respect you, he's never going to respect you."

Take a look:

Yep, she better take that ring off now and get those two feet on the cement...and get to running!

She definitely deserves better!

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