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R. Kelly Addresses Sex Cult Claims, Illiteracy & More On New Song 'I Admit'

R. Kelly dropped an explosive 19-minute track called "I Admit" on Monday morning (July 23), where the R&B singer addressed plenty of his scandals, including his recent abuse claims and allegations centered around kidnapping women and holding them against their will.

"I admit I f**k with all the ladies," the 51-year-old vet sings on the confessional track, which was produced by Noc & R. Kelly. "That's both older and young ladies/ But tell me how they call it 'pedophile' because of that s**t/ That's crazy/ You may have your opinions/ Entitled to your opinions/ But really am I supposed to go to jail or lose my career because of your opinion?" Around the eight-minute mark, the singer particularly addresses the sex cult claims, singing, "I admit I am not perfect/ I never said I was perfect/ Say I'm abusing these women/ What the f**k?/ That's some absurd s**t/ They brainwashed?/ Really?/ Kidnapped?/ Really?/ Can’t eat?/ Really?/ Real talk/ That s**t sound silly."

"What’s the definition of a cult?/ What’s the definition of a sex slave?/ Go to dictionary, look it up, let me know, I’ll be here waiting/ Now I admit I got some girls who love me, they pull they hair/ Now I admit they love me talk dirty when I pull they hair/ Some like me to spank them, some like to give brain/ And what some of these girls want is too much for a radio station," he continues.

It's just one of the few revelations that arrived from the track, which also sees the R&B veteran admit of being illiterate, not seeing his kids in years, financial woes and how a family member took his virginity and molested him when he was just 14-years-old. Scroll on below to listen to R. Kelly's confessional new track.

Photo: Getty Images