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Steve Harvey & The Motivation Behind His Success

The path to becoming successful isn't easy. It takes a lot of work. Although it's challenging, it's not impossible. 

Many people you see today who are deemed successful have made sacrifices, they've missed many hours sleep and have been told 'no' more times than you they can count. However, the one common trait is that they never gave up.

We caught up with Steve Harvey backstage during his last day of taping, Family Feud and asked him if he wished he had of been rich when he was younger. He admitted, "Hell yea, I wish I had of been rich my whole life," but at the same time he said he would not have changed anything. 

Everyone's journey to success is different, but it doesn't make one easier than the other.

Figure out what motivates you and remind yourself each and every day. Harvey's motivation is his past. 

He says, "My motivation everyday, is I don't want to have to be what I was before. It took too much out of me." See, if he hadn't gone threw all that he's went through, he wouldn't be the man he is today. He adds, "What we become is the sum total of our past."

What does that mean? Count it all joy!

"While it takes a lot to be successful," it will probably cost you more if you're not.

No go out there and get it!

PHOTO: Getty Images