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Stevie J Inks Faith Evans' Initials On His Face

There was a time when you liked a woman, you would just simply "put a ring on it." Nowadays, folks feel as though they have to do a little more than that..such as the case with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, Stevie J.

Now that the hit producer made it "official" with Faith Evans, he took to his Twitter to show off her initials, "FRJ," that he tatted on the outside of his ear. 

With the caption, "All I desire to hear in my world. #FaithReneeJordan," there's no telling what kind magic these two will create in the studio together.

In the meantime, here's a little taste of what's to come. Check the video teaser to their new single, "A Minute" 

“A Minute” – both the single and video – drops on Friday. 

PHOTO: Getty Images / @hitmansteviej