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Joseph Sikora Talks The Fear Of Tommy Egan On Power

Actor Joseph Sikora aka Tommy Egan from the hit tv show, "Power" called in to dish on his character's new found relationship with his father, the chemistry he and Omari Hardwick share onscreen and how his upbringing has influenced his character's role on the show.

Growing up in the rough streets of Chicago, where he would spray graffiti all throughout the city, Joseph came across some pretty rough dudes and admits "I base a lot of Tommy on the guys I was scared of" because often times "you would have to fight or flight." 

Pulling from such an authentic place, it's no wonder why Ghost and Tommy make the perfect duo. Playing seamlessly off of one another, Sikora gives major props to Omari on how they approach the craft similarly and have real true chemistry. 

"It's rare that you find [similarity] in your career, it's rare that you find [similarity] in...people in your life. We take advantage of that. We approach the craft very similarly and we're kind of all-in actors." 

Joseph acknowledges that Tommy is as similar as he is different from Ghost. With Tommy being 50% Kanan (50 Cent) and 50% Ghost, you can see how "Tommy keeps becoming Tommy."

The only thing left to wonder is how much Tommy trusts his dad - Tony Teresa (William Sadler) - an OG in the game who has been locked up since he was a young boy, whether or not he will change his ways and get back together with Keisha (LaLa Anthony) and why detective Angela Valdez (Lela Loren) is now working for him?

And the only way to find that out is to check out the full interview below:

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