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Master P Films "I Got The Hook Up 2" At The JSpot

 J. Anthony Brown recently caught up with Percy Miller aka Master P on the set of his upcoming film, "I Got The Hook Up 2" at The JSpot Comedy Club in Inglewood, CA. 

The rap mogul transformed J's club into "Big Poppa Burgers," the last black owned business in the hood as a means to showcase the effects of gentrification.

According to

"Comedian DC Young Fly has been cast in the upcoming movie, which will also [star] the No Limit music business mogul [Master P], who originally starred as a character named “Black." In the first version of “I Got The Hook Up,” Master P starred opposite comedian AJ Johnson in a hilarious, outlandish plot centered around Illegal chip phones, and secret white double agents, who were really black. The new movie also features Fatboy SSE, Pioladitingancia, Gary G-Thang Johnson, Jess Hilarious, the Goat John Witherspoon, Romeo Miller, Cymphonique Miller and Jeezy 

Now the shoot must've been fire because there has to be an explanation why J felt the need to take off his shirt with fellow comedian and 85 South Show member, DC Young Fly.

As for the club, the transformation was dope.

And  folks came out in droves to be a part of the epic comedic film.


We can only imagine the magic that was created.

As of now, there isn't a release date for "I Got The Hook Up 2," but we'll keep you posted.

Until then, congrats J!