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Jeffrey Osborne Talks Performing On The Cosby Show

R&B singer Jeffrey Osborne stopped by our iHeartRadio Ask Anything Chat den to answer some of your burning questions.

Born the youngest of 12 children and the son of the popular trumpeter, Clarence "Legs" Osborne, Jeffrey grew up in a musical family. 

Starting his musical career with the band Love Men Ltd, Osborne was a drummer and shared lead vocals with his brother, Billy. By the late 1980s he decided to start his solo career which yielded the success of 5 gold and platinum albums

In the audience led question interview, the music veteran admits he's often mistaken for James Ingram and Billy Ocean, but doesn't mind because they both create great music. He goes on to discuss how much music has changed from a simple 8 track to going full out digital, his hopes of reviving R&B music and shares what it was like to perform his hit single, You Should Be Mine" aka the "Woo Woo" song on The Cosby Show.

Take a look:

Check out his latest single, "Worth It All."

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