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Steve Harvey Says, "Get You Some God"

There is no greater relationship than the one between you and God. Often times we find ourselves in moments of despair, because we have not welcomed God and all that He has to offer in our lives.

In the words of Steve Harvey, it's time for you to "get you some God." See, "having a relationship with's not just what He gives to [you], but what He protects [you] from." Take a look around, "angels sometimes come in the form of people. People who pull your coat to this and introduce you to that, or reveal some information to you." Count it all joy.

There are two forces in this world, good and evil, that you must be aware of. It takes a level of discernment to differentiate between the two. The devil may come in the form of your wildest dreams, that is why sometimes you must steadfast for a sign from God. You have to "let go of your own thinking and allow God To have His way." No matter what you are going through or whatever it is you are seeking, know that everything is happening for your greater good.

God has something special in store for your life. Greater than what you could have ever imagined. If you can just take one step, He'll make two. 

Take a listen to Unc as he explains why it is so important for you to "get you some God" in your life:

Now, "get ready to work your tail off!"