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Steve Harvey To Debut New Beard On Talk Show

Our fearless leader, Steve Harvey is back from a well-deserved, well-rested vacation and with a possible new....look!? 

Known for his infamous mustache, social media went into a frenzy once pictures surfaced of Unc with a new beard. Fans from around the world have commented on his socials about how much they love his bead and that he should keep it.

After thousands of comments, Steve admits that he's contemplating changing his look to include a beard for the next season of his talk show, STEVE.

"Now the beard is going to get voted on, that's going on Instagram this week or next week. I'm really thinking about changing the look. I'm thinking about going back to the new talk show season with the salt-and-peppered."

In case you're wondering what happens to his mustache...he's keeping it. The only challenge is figuring out what to do with it since much grew doesn't grow and it constantly looks like his nose is running. 

Take a listen:

Take a look as Unc reps for the #beardgang

What do you think? Beard or no beard?