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Frankie Darcell Talks Aretha Franklin & Church Holds Prayer Vigil

Fans all over the world have offered their prayers for Aretha Franklin. The Motown legend is currently in hospice care at her home in Detroit, MI.

Her longtime band member, Ralphe Armstrong, who was her bass player for 30 years tells People that "she’s in bad shape, but she’s a fighter. [Although] she doesn’t talk about her illness, she’s a strong person of faith. She gets a little depressed, but she’s a person of faith.” And it is faith that members of her community are holding on to. 

Yesterday churchgoers held a prayer vigil for the Queen of Soul at New Bethel Baptist Church, where her father was once a pastor. In addition, a group of fans gathered in Washington, DC at Lafayette Park to uplift the soulful singer in prayer, with one person getting tourists to sign a white poster board that read, "Book of Love and Healing for Aretha, the Queen.”

On Tuesday radio legend, Frankie Darcell of Mix 92.3 Detroit and 105.3 WDAS Philly called in to discuss Aretha Franklin's condition, her family wishes and shares how much "[Aretha] loves [her] some Steve."

Take a listen:

The power of prayer is something special.

Aretha Franklin and her family are in our prayers

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