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Steve Harvey Says, "Faith Is The Belief Of Things Not Seen"

As the biblical saying goes, "faith without works is dead." 

God wants to grant you all the desires of heart in abundance, but you gotta work for it and you gotta get you some faith. While we live in a society where things seem to happen "overnight," you must understand that true success takes time and a lot of hard work. Are you willing put in the work? Are you willing to keep pressing forward even when it seems as if "nothing" is happening?

Steve Harvey defines faith as "the belief of things not seen" and "it is the combination of faith and work that produces that most opportunities for God to show you favor." Often times "we want God to bless us, but we ain't doing nothing for him to bless." Put in the work! It doesn't matter how talented you are. Understand that hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't want to work hard. 

Take a listen as Unc talks how faith and favor work hand in hand:

Now turn on your faith and get to work! Greater is coming!