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Steve Harvey's Brain Drops: Be Like A Farmer

It's no secret that Steve Harvey is a down home country boy at heart. In this installment of Brain Drops, he takes his personal experience of growing up on a farm to illustrate how he's built a successful career.

Using the ABC acronym, which stands for, "Always Be Closing," Unc explains how important it is to treat your dreams and aspirations as farmers do with their crops. 

Farmers reap the harvest of their labor in a step by step process. It first starts with tending the soil, then on to planting seeds, watering and then to fertilizing the soil. A process that takes time and a lot of hard work. However, with due diligence you begin to complete "rows" just as farmers do. As you progress on to new rows, it will soon be evident that the first few rows will begin to sprout and soon come into full fruition. Once they do, you can soon begin to "eat" or benefit from them and steadfast in expectancy for the subsequent crops to follow. 

Take a look:

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