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Steve Says, "Focus Your Attention On Folks Who Really Need It"

It's not uncommon to want to help others. In fact, it's quite admirable. However, it's time to take inventory on where your efforts are going. Believe it or not, not everyone wants your help and when that happens, it's time to reevaluate where your attention is going. 

Steve Harvey speaks from his experience of helping those who don't want to be helped. In a recent closing remarks Unc said, "stop planting flowers in people's yards who ain't gon' water them." Meaning, be cognizant of the effort you are putting forth in other people who don't put effort into themselves. You cannot want something for someone else who doesn't want it for themselves. 

Take a listen as Steve explains why it's important to give your attention to folks who really need it.  

Well said! 

What do you think about Harvey for President? Lol