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What Millennials Will Say To Their Kids On How Hard They Had It

Let's face it, times have changed since you were a kid. With the rate of how quickly technology is advancing, it leaves folks feeling downright archaic. The fact that millennials will never know what an 8-track-tape is, let alone what a cassette tape is, is mind-blowing! Or how about that TV cut off a certain time and that you had to wait until the next day to watch your favorite program? If you don't feel old yet, just think, some millennials have never used a payphone to make a call for 25 cents! 


Now that you have that in your head, can you imagine what millennials will tell their children about how hard they had it while growing up as kid?

For example, "I didn't have a spaceship, I had to ride Uber everywhere," or "I made it off of $15" and how about, "I only had 103 pairs of tennis shoes when I was your age!" The list can go on and on.

Take a listen as the fools on The Steve Harvey Morning Show talk what millennials will say to their kids on how hard they had it while growing up!

It's a shame, but it may very well be true! Lol!

PHOTO: Getty Images