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J. Anthony Brown: Murder The Hit - "Now That We Have LeBron"

The fool J. Anthony Brown is back with another Murder The Hit and it's all about NBA star, LeBron James.

As you recall, we announced that James was headed to LA after being offered a 4-year, $154 million contract to play for with the LA Lakers and the opening of his I Promise school where students get free bikes, meals, and college tuition. Both of which have inspired people near and afar considering that he was raised by a single mother in an at risk environment. Lebron is a walking testament that anything is possible.

With all that being said, J felt it was only right to murder Heavy D & The Boyz feat. Aaron Hall'S hit single, "Now That We Found Love" with "Now That We Have LeBron"

Take a listen:

We love you Bron Bron! Welcome To LA!