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Steve Harvey & J. Anthony Brown Reenact A Strawberry Letter

In this Strawberry Letter a young man writes in concerned as to why his girlfriend's older ex, who is 19 years her senior, keeps reaching out to her asking if she is being taken care of. He feels as though he takes very good care of his girl and is confident that she was never in love with her ex. In his mind, this older man was nothing more than her "sugar daddy." Nevertheless, the young man is convinced that her ex is being sneaky and trying to win her back with his constant calls.

Take a look: 

Dear Steve and Shirley, 

My girlfriend and I have been together for about a year. When I met her, she had just ended a relationship with a wealthy man that was 19 years older than her. This man spoiled her with expensive gifts and he was her first, sexually, so she was caught up for a long time. He offered to buy her a condo if she stayed with him, but she realized that he was trying to buy her love and she wasn’t really into him, so they broke up. We’ve been dating since then. The old boyfriend still calls and texts her and she tells me whenever she hears from him. I am no fool, so I’ve been looking for signs of infidelity, but she has not given me any reason not to trust her. She’s new to the game, so it’s the old rich cat that I don’t trust! Why does he have to check in on her to see if she’s okay all of the time? I believe he is waiting for me to slip up so he can make his move. Recently, she told me that he asked if I was taking care of her the way he used to. I got game and I do what it takes to keep a smile on my lady’s face. I told my lady that he realizes he lost a good thing and there is no way that he wants to be just friends with her. I asked her to stop talking to him, but she refuses. She said that she is glad that they are still friends and she likes it when he checks on her. Maybe I’m crazy, but this is not sitting well with me. This old boyfriend is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and she’s too naïve to see it. How do I get this man to leave my girlfriend alone? Please help."

While this young man feels that her ex is a "wolf in sheep's clothing," Steve is convinced that that couldn't be further from the truth and that the older brother is as real as they get.

Take a listen as Steve and J. Anthony Brown reenact the young man confronting his girlfriends much older ex:

The proof is in the pudding and it looks like Unc proved his point.

Good luck young man, don't let her old ex snatch her right from under your nose.

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