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Steve Harvey Says, "Keep Pushing, No Matter What Happens"

Let it be known that it's always too early to give up.

On your journey to success, you will face a few disappointments and setbacks. You will face a few mountains that you will have to climb, a few streams you have to cross and a few battles you will have to fight. The key is to never give up. If you decide to give up, you will never get the chance to see how things will turn out. You will never get the chance to see your dreams come to fruition.

God has blessings with your name on them, but you have to weather the storm to receive them. You cannot allow doubts to become facts. You must keep pressing forward. Understand that your journey is all about conditioning you to receive what's to come.

Take a listen as Steve Harvey talks the importance of what it means to "keep pushing, no matter what happens."

Keep going! You got this!