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You Are Stronger Than You Think

This thing called "life" isn't easy. It takes a lot of hard work, determination and fearlessness.

In this Daily Inspiration, Steve talks how difficult his road to success has been. Despite the various challenges that came his way, he confidently states that he wouldn't change a thing. Everything that happened in his life, he needed it to happen and as a result he is who he is today.

Be encouraged to not only ask God to remove obstacles from your life, but ask for the strength to get through them. Unc sure did and he turned out alright.

Take listen:

Watch as Unc talks about his motivation behind being successful. Although he admits that he wishes that he'd been rich his entire life, he said he wouldn't change anything. 

"Everybody's closer than they think, you just can't ever give up!"

Keep the faith! You're closer than you think!