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The New York Times Mixed Up Angela Bassett For Omarosa

Let's get one thing straight, Angela Bassett and Omarosa Manigualt-Newman look absolutely nothing like. However, that didn't stop "The New York Times" from getting them mixed up in their Emmy coverage. The photo that had everyone scratching their head featured Rachel Brosnahan accepting an award from Bassett and 'Night School' star Tiffany Haddish.

Out of all fairness, it should be noted that Getty Images made the mistake first, but the fact that The Times didn't catch it had many people giving them the major side eye. 

And as you've probably guessed it, the Twitterverse went up in arms.

Despite The New York Times' apology, folks held not punches in calling the publication's mistake a "disgrace."

While everyone else's feathers were ruffled, Angela wasn't bothered in the least bit. She took to her Twitter and issued the perfect response letting folks know "it's handled."

If Olivia Pope says it's handled, trust that it's handled. "Carry on!" *Beyoncé voice*

Photo: Getty Images