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Jemele Hill Has A New Gig

posted by Dawn Dai - 

Sports anchor and reporter, Jemele Hill has a new gig!

As of September 14th, Hill will be officially free of ESPN despite having two years remaining on her contract. It seems as both sides have come to an agreement that it is time her to spread her wings and flock away from the Disney owned network. Contrary to popular belief, Hill did not leave because things got difficult. 

Hill spoke with the HollywoodReporter.com

“I’ve been through difficult swings in my career. It was about the fact that I can’t commit to something that I know isn’t right for me, that I know isn’t going to bring out the best in me and that I know is going to be kind of a waste of time.”

With no more time to waste, Jemele will be joining the "The Atlantic" as a staff writer beginning this month and will be writing for both the magazine and TheAtlantic.com. She says she will write about sports, culture, race, as well as gender and politics.

Congrats Jemele!

Photo: Getty

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