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Steve Harvey Speaks On What It Means To Be A Man

What does being a "man" mean? How do you define manhood?

In this installment of Daily Inspiration, Steve Harvey talks why it's so important for young men to have male role models in their lives. With so many distractions such as peer pressure and the misguided principles of manhood, it's no wonder why so many of our young boys are wondering around "lost." Not sure who they, who they're supposed to be or where they're going.

See, for young men lacking a male role models, their view of love gets distorted. According to Harvey, a man exhibits his love by protecting, professing and providing for their loved ones. Without the proper role model, these views get misconstrued and young men find themselves in trouble.

Take a listen as Unc talks how being a man can be quite difficult and what it means to be a man.