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God Created You To Be Exceptional

There are two types of people in this world, those who go with the grain and those who go against the grain. Those who go with the grain just go with what whatever is common. They go and do things that have already been done before. They are content just the way things are. Then there are those who go against the grain. Those who go against the grain put the "except" in exceptional. They aren't afraid to take chances and they certainly aren't afraid to make mistakes. They not only break the rules, but they create them. They stand on an island of their own because they beat to the sound of their own drum. Which one are you?

In this installment of Daily Inspiration, Steve Harvey talks about what it means to "be extraordinary" and how God has created us all to be an exceptional beings. 

Take a listen:

Remember, you are exceptional. Now go out there and live an exceptional life!