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Beyoncé & Jay-Z's 'On The Run II Tour' Grosses Over $250 Million

If there was one thing that Bonnie and Clyde knew how to do, it was how to get money and the same goes for Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

The power couple earned over $250 million, including $14 million from just two nights in Atlanta and $11 million overseas in London, in revenues from their On The Run II Tour with 2,177,000 tickets sold. Billboard Boxscore broke down the numbers behind their major "money moves," and estimated the couple received about $5.28 million each night. Now with each of them performing about 45 minutes, the dynamic duo made about $117k a minute. 🤑Keep in mind their tour revenue doubled since their 2014 On The Run Tour which grossed over $109 million with 980,000 tickets sold.


Photo: @beyonce (IG)