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Carla Ferrell Celebrates Her 50th Birthday

Our program director, Carla Ferrell shimmered in a sequin number to celebrate her 50th birthday over the weekend with family, friends and Nephew Tommy.

Holding nothing back, Carla dazzled on the dance floor with a little two-step with her husband Tosh. A dance floor simply fit for a queen and decorations that were nothing short of "magical" in Carla's eyes.

Our fearless leader Steve Harvey, who is also the Godfather to Carla & Tosh's daughter, Tosha, recorded a special video that left our 50-year-old diva smiling ear to ear.

Unc sure knows how to keep the crowd laughing.

However, nothing compares to the smile that Tosh put on his wife's face. It's a good thing to see that all of his hard work and strategic planning left Carla feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.

Happy Birthday Carla Ferrell!