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Steve Harvey Says, "I'm Not A Trump Supporter"

The midterm elections are readily approaching on November 6th and the importance of voting can't be stressed enough. It's so important that we get out there and vote so that we can become the change that we want to see. Junior has vowed that he's going back to his hometown in Texas to cast his vote, Shirley admits she is a registered voter and our fearless leader, Steve Harvey posted a picture on IG of himself at the Georgia polls exercising his right to vote.

Still under scrutiny from his 2017 meeting with President Trump, Unc sets the record straight...AGAIN that he is in no way shape or form a supporter of 45.

"Stop looking at my Instagram page thinking that I vote for Donald Trump, y'all got me twisted."

Furthermore, Unc has held no punches about his views on the Trump administration and how the Republican party is trying "desperately to get rid of more and more segments of Obamacare" with the proposals they are putting forth because it is considered to be an entitlement. 

However, we need not to fret because we the people have the power and can exercise that power at the polls. Unc goes on to say how "we have enough registered voters to turn this thing around and make a difference, but we have got to vote Democratic to make a balance." A balance that Unc feels cannot be overlooked, especially since the symbol for our country is the golden eagle.

"An eagle can only fly correctly, with a left wing and a right wing and right now, this eagle has too many right wings on it and [it] cannot fly correctly." 

Right now this country is imbalanced and we need folks to go down to the polls!

Take a listen as the crew discusses the importance of the midterm elections.

For more information on where and how to vote visit,

Get out there vote so that your voice can be heard!

Photo: @iamsteveharveytv (IG)