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David & Tamela Mann Get Candid On What Almost Broke Them Apart

After 30 years of marriage, David and Tamela Mann know a thing or two about love, life and facing all odds. The husband and wife team, who have taken over the stage and screen, join the crew to discuss their new book, "Us Against The World: Our Secrets to Love, Marriage and Family," album, tour and upcoming TV One movie, "Merry Wishmas."

In a quest to take folks on a 30-year journey, the Manns are "spilling some junk" on their relationship and how they've been able to persevere through it all. David gets candid and highlights the chapter, "The Knock At The Door," where 5 years into their marriage he receives notice from the constable that he has a child. Now this child was conceived prior to their marriage, but David admits that it "almost broke [them] apart and that's where the title, 'Us Against The World' came from."

Currently on tour, couples have come forth stating their stories are helping them to "heal [their] marriage[s]." Known for their musical talents, the Manns couldn't be more excited to release their forthcoming album, "Us Against The World: The Love Project," an audio compilation to compliment their new book.

Take a listen as as the Manns go in depth about their "Us Against The World" tour and get the details on their upcoming TV One feel good romantic comedy, "Merry Wishmas."

Be sure to grab their new album, "Us Against The World: The Love Project," set to be released Friday, November 9th.

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