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Tiffany Haddish Talks "Nobody's Fool" & Tyler Gifting Her A Brand New Tesla

They say if you stay ready, you ain't got to get ready. So when you think of Tiffany Haddish, just know..."she ready!"

Ready indeed, the Los Angeles native stopped by The Steve Harvey Morning Show to discuss her new film, Nobody's Fool, written and directed by the one and only, Tyler Perry. The 38-year-old comedian turned actress shared her sheer excitement to discuss her role as "Tanya," who was recently released from prison and reunited with her sister "Danica" (Tika Sumpter) where they begin to bump heads as their differences outweigh their similarities. While one could be led to think that they don't have anything in common, Haddish dispels that notion immediately. 

"Me and Tika do have something in common, we got the same mama, ok"

And that mama she is referring to is played by the legendary Whoopi Goldberg, who won't let her daughter, Tanya (Haddish) come back to live with her and forces her to move in with her sister, Danica (Sumpter) who has recently "came up" in the world. 

I see she done came up in the world. She got her a nice house, a nice car, nice everything...ok girl you doing it!"

Naturally inspired, Tanya (Haddish) gets a job at a coffee where she meets a new love interest, played by Omari Hardwick, who wants nothing to do with her but everything to do with her sister Danica (Sumpter). Luckily for Tanya, Danica isn't the least bit interested because "she thinks she's dating this dude on the internet" but little does she know she is being catfished. Being the loving sister, Haddish isn't having it and that's when all the hilarity begins. *grabs 🍿*

The rockstar comedian goes on to talk about her infamous Model X Tesla that Tyler gifted her with because Tiffany had absolutely no intentions of purchasing it for herself.

"I used to be homeless and live in my car, so I personally I'm the type of person...I want to make sure everything is paid off before I go buy something new."

Due to the fact that the film tested "really high," Tyler knew the film was going to do well and surprised her with a new car

Haddish jokes that if she ever becomes homeless again, the Tesla will be "a nice 1 bedroom."

Check out this hilarious interview for yourself:

Check out the trailer:

Nobody's Fool in theaters today, November 2nd!