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Michelle Obama Talks 'Becoming' With Steve Harvey

Michelle Obama joined the crew today, November 13th to discuss her new book, Becoming. While excerpts of her highly anticipated book have been released, readers everywhere can now experience what it was like for Chicago’s Michelle Robinson to become our forever First Lady, Michelle Obama. 

Baring it all, Michelle gets candid about her experience in the White House and highlights the many reasons why she’s "becoming" to us all. (Amber McKynzie)

"This book has giving me a moment to be able to step back and reflect on all that just happened...and yes I am proud. I'm proud of my husband. I'm proud of us as a family - and not just the girls, but grandma...We did okay."

We all know the the Obamas did more than just "okay," and like our fearless leader Steve Harvey noted, "You all are something the nation can be proud of." Proud of indeed because for many African Americans we finally had someone in the White House that looked like us. It was that moment for every black and brown person around the world to know that, 'it's possible.' 

Becoming, is a story of hope, optimism and a flame that could not be extinguished and Mrs. Obama makes it clear that “You can’t be great unless you got a great support system and we've had that from the beginning. So, yea I want to thank everybody who said a prayer for us and who worked for us and everybody who voted in these past midterm elections. Voting does matter.  ”

Speaking life into Michelle's latest book, Unc is convinced that her book is going to "sit at number 1 on the New York Times Best Sellers list for sixteen weeks minimum" and after raving reviews we couldn't agree more.

Michelle continues,

"I say the book is a story of an ordinary life lived in an extraordinary way...even though my parents didn't go to college, my grand parents didn't go to college, they held up a high bar for us as people and you know we always felt an obligation to live up to that." She continues, "Every day, Steve, I lived to make my family proud and my community proud, but [that's] nothing new...there are communities like the one I grew up in all over this nation. It's just important for us to tell our stories because people think we don't exist, they've got one image of what it means to be Black. They don't know we are so complex...and that's why I am proud to tell my story 'cause I want people to know all of who I am so that they're not mistaken at all."

So if if you're wondering how Michelle Robinson, a young girl who grew up in South Side became all that she is today, including the First Lady of the White House, just know that Becoming is that answer.

Take a listen to the full interview below:

Becoming is now available in bookstores and digital platforms. Get your copy today!

Photo: Getty / Crown Publishing Group