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Steve Harvey Says, "Success Takes A Measure Of Time"

"The Grind"

If you've ever been passionate about something or if you're in pursuit of achieving your wildest dreams, then you are very familiar with what it means "to grind" - to work hard, to hustle or to engage in a money-making endeavor. While "grinding" is good, it's important that we don't overlook look the beautiful process of the "grind." What do I mean by that? Sometimes we can be so focused on the goal that we find no enjoyment in the process. 

In this installment of Daily Inspiration,  Steve Harvey wants folks to understand that "it's one thing to accomplish your dream, but there is joy in the process of achieving it." Keeping that in mind, your process is not promised to be "rainbows and butterflies," but it's still your process and it's beautiful. You will have ups and downs. You will have setbacks, but those setbacks are in place to set you up for a comeback.

Understand that just because you're going after something and it doesn't work in your favor doesn't mean "it's over" and that it will never work in your favor. It's important that you realize that you're farther than majority of the folks who A. don't know what they want out of life or B. simply have done nothing to pursue what the want out of life.

Unc wants you to know that "if you understand your purpose, if you have an idea of what you want to be and you are on your way there, you are truly blessed."

Take a listen:

Always remember, "success takes a measure of time, it is not easy. If success were easy, everybody would be successful" - Steve Harvey