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Steve Harvey Says, "Thoughts Turn Into Things"

We've all heard that "life and death are in the power of the tongue," but how many times have you considered the power of your thoughts? Yes, thoughts. Thoughts actually become things.

In this installment of Daily Inspiration, Steve Harvey talks the importance of our thoughts. 

"For people who think negative thoughts, it turns into negative things and the direct opposite is true for those who think positive thoughts, it turns into positive things." 

So, what are you thinking? What are your thoughts?

Unc makes it clear that "whatever position you find yourself in today, we gotta come to one realization that we got ourselves there. We put ourselves there by a series of thoughts and actions. Thoughts turn into things." Again, what are you thinking? What are your thoughts?

Take a listen as Unc breaks down the importance of our thoughts and yes, how they become things.

You have the power to create whatever life it is that you want. Thoughts become things. 

If you think you can, you shall!