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The Crew Talks Sounds Of Thanksgiving & Day 1 Of The #SHMSTurkeyGive (Pics)

In many households, Thanksgiving is the day where loved ones come together over a delicious meal to express gratitude for life, love, family and friends. A time of laughter and joy of everyone near and far coming together to spread love on one another. Along with hearing silverware clink on fine china, folks smacking their lips and licking their fingers, there are other sounds of Thanksgiving one should be aware of. With the help of our very own J. Anthony Brown and the fools, Nephew Tommy and Junior, we can now identify other sounds that take place during the Thanksgiving holiday.

For example, imagine walking into room a hearing someone mutter, "Hmmm...pregnant again," or, "Oh Lawd, look who out" and how about, "I can't have a damn thang."   

Take a listen as the fellas talk more hilarious "sounds of Thanksgiving."

Now since we're on the topic of Thanksgiving, today (November 19th) The Steve Harvey Morning Show kicked off our annual #SHMSTurkeyGive where we partnered with local shelters, charities, churches, and community organizations in your local areas to help  families less fortunate this Thanksgiving. 

Take at look at members of our radio family in DC,  Atlanta and Mississippi are giving back.

Stay tuned for more to come!

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