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Merle Dandridge Talks Greenleaf Season Finale & 'The Fate Of The Church'

The season finale of OWN's hit TV drama, Greenleaf airs tomorrow (November 21st) and as huge fans we felt it was only right to have Merle Dandridge aka "Grace Greenleaf" join the crew to discuss her role and what we can expect from the season 3 finale. 

As we know, Grace is the estranged daughter of "Bishop James Greenleaf" and straight out the gate Merle addresses her character's return to the family after being gone for several years and updates us on what has happened thus far in season 3.

"[Now] people don't have the same power over her to silence her." Merle adds "You see Grace in a position this season of searching and finding and working her way back to that place that she knows she's supposed to be in."

Furthermore, Merle touches the subject of Grace's relationship with her daughter, Sophia (Desiree Ross) who has been through a lot and now is having issues with her own faith.

"As far as Grace is concerned, it's a touchy position to be in when Grace has been troubled in her own faith walk and her daughter having watched her do that. So part of Grace coming back to the place that she's supposed to be in alignment with her call, requires her to be, to get it together so that she can be a better example to her daughter."

While it's so easy to point out that "there are so many skeletons with these Greenleafs," it's also good to point out the fact that these are real issues that folks deal with everyday. Which leads Merle to highlight the fact that things will eventually "come to a head" with "Rochelle" (LeToya Luckett) and J. Anthony Brown couldn't be more excited to see a good "Christian butt whooping." 

It will be interesting to see how "the fate of the church and the future of the family" pans out during the highly anticipated season finale. In the meantime, take a listen to the full interview below:

The season 3 finale of Greenleaf airs tomorrow, November 21st on OWN at 10/9c. Don't miss it!

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