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Junior Admits That He Once Faked A Relationship On Thanksgiving

While the holidays are a time for family and friends to get together and chow down on some delicious food, it sometimes can come with a "big price." That price being your relationship status. The minute you sit down folks start asking about your love life and want to know who your new "boo" is or whatever happened with the old one. It can be a lot of pressure and in some cases can cause you to lie to avoid the awkwardness of it all.

A recent study conducted by Heineken revealed that 1 in every 4 Americans have actually faked relationships to avoid having to deal with the pressure from their family members and friends about finding a partner. And get this, men are more than twice as likely to lie about being in a relationship.

In fact, your favorite play cousin, Junior admits that he once hired a "Brazilian chick" for $85/hr to stand in as his girl to avoid any and all questions about his ex. 😂

Take a listen:

Whoever said "love don't cost a thing," lied! Lol