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'Mr. Man' Did Her Wrong In This Strawberry Letter

It doesn't matter who you are, what you look like or how much money you have, if a person doesn't want you there's nothing you can do about it. 

In this Strawberry Letter, a woman writes in total despair after falling for a man who pushes her to the wayside because according to him she a "three problems."

Take a look:

"Subject: Childless, Manless, Clueless and Hungover At 40! 

Dear Steve Harvey and Shirley,

Currently I am separated and over 40, can't have any children, main reason for my divorce. Anyway, I met a man, Mr. Man, who was also separated and we became very close. It was great!  After a year, Mr. Man had his divorce. Once my divorce was final this summer, I thought Mr. Man and I would be together. Well Mr. Man told me that he was going to New Jersey to get his ex-girlfriend, the woman he should have married instead of his wife. I had to ask, “what about me?” He said I'm a beautiful woman, but I had three problems. Number one: I am too emotional. I cry at the drop of a dime. Number two: Real women are a mystery, once that's gone nothing is left. I'm an open book. Number three: the big one, I should not have…for I should not have fallen in love with a married man, him. I missed all the signs of this rejection. I try to be open and honest with this man. Of course the sex was good, but I am truly hurt, as I watch him take his ex-girlfriend on a romantic weekend to the Poconos Mountains, this weekend. Last night I had my brown liquor, my brown liquor song Anita Baker “No More Tears” and cried myself to sleep. I should have known better and controlled my feelings at 40. So I'll say it's my fault. I am not perfect. Now I am out of two men in one year at 40.  I pray that God heals my heart and my mind. Childless, manless, clueless and hungover at 40."

Were his signs of rejection crystal clear? 

Take a listen to what Shirley and Steve have to say: