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House Cleaning Turns Into A $1.8 Million Payday

In Mandeville, Louisiana Harold and Tina Ehrenberg truly know how it "pays to be clean." The couple was doing some holiday cleaning and stumbled across a few unchecked lottery tickets. For kicks and giggles they checked the status of the newfound tickets online and discovered they almost threw $1.8 million dollars in the trash! Whew! On top of that, they almost missed their 180-day window to cash them in. Talk about luck!

With the couple being instant millionaires, J. Anthony Brown wondered if he were in that predicament, "do you just stop cleaning right then?" I'd say heck year! Meanwhile Shirley Strawberry took another route with declaring "I don't even want this house anymore." Lol Can you blamer her? I would have been gone with the wind and on the next flight to paradise!

Now if you thought those two were lucky, Nephew Tommy tells the crew about a story of a man who purchased a storage unit for $500 from the hit TV show, "Storage Wars" and inherited a safe with $7.5 million inside! *gasp*

Although the new buyer was the rightful owner of the storage unit - and the contents within it, the original owner offered a $1.2 million reward for returning the lost money. After much litigation with tons of lawyers involved, both parties came to an agreement. However, the crew couldn't help but wonder why turn in the money for a lesser value? What would you do?

Click the link below to hear the details on both stories:

Money, money, money!

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