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Steve Harvey Talks Traveling With Family To Botswana & Abu Dhabi

Our fearless leader, Steve Harvey is back from vacationing with his lovely wife Marjorie and his two youngest children, Wynton and Lori Harvey, in Botswana -located in southern Africa where they spoke at a women's empowerment conference, met with the President and First Lady and Abu Dhabi for the Formula 1 race.

Unc talks how he toured the De Beers diamond facility in Botswana, which is the number one diamond producing country in Africa, and how he held a diamond with 1,109 carats ๐Ÿ˜ณ A diamond so large it sounds like it needs it's own area code, let alone it's own security team. In fact the diamond is so big even Steve admits he'd never seen anything like it before. 

The diamond pictured above has been given the name "Lesedi La Rona," which means "Our Light" in the local Tswana language and is the same African name given to Marjorie because "she's light of the world because of her spirit over there."

Now for some, it sounds like Unc is bragging about how he is "living [his] best life," but that couldn't be further from the truth. Unc is all about bringing awareness to life that he once new nothing about.

"I'm living a life that I didn't know anything about...that's called grace."

Take a listen as Unc talks about his trip in more detail:

Take a look a more pics of the Harvey family vacation.

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Photo: @marjorie_harvey (IG)