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Steve Harvey & Nephew Tommy To Go Head-To-Head In A 'Tree Off'

There's money and then there's Steve Harvey money. 

If Webster's dictionary were ever to include the word "ballin'," there's no doubt in my mind that we'd see a picture of Unc right next to it. While we've seen the kinds of cars Unc drives and how lavish his vacations are, he's now seemed to school us our how he goes all out during the holidays. 

In honor of the holidays, Shirley Strawberry sparked the annual "Real Christmas Tree or Fake Christmas Tree" debate. Starting with Unc, Shirley asks what his family tree tradition is. Now I'm sure you've heard of folks going to the store or online to order a tree, heck even perhaps going to a tree lot and cutting one down. But get this, Unc does neither. This man orders his trees three years in advance. 

"When we pick a tree, we know in three years that's the one we want." Steve adds, "[When] my Christmas tree comes, it's going to be to the ceiling."

And he couldn't be more serious. Unc reveals that his trees have to be like the ones he would see at the mall when he was a little kid. Can you imagine how BIG that is? Let alone how big Unc's house is to fit the gigantic tree?

Well in good 'ol 'family feud' fashion, Nephew Tommy suggests to have a 'tree-off' with Steve. Based on what Unc has said about his trees and just knowing how he does everything "real big," it will be interesting to find out if 'The Neph' really stands a chance.

Take a listen: