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Quincy Jones’ Legacy Gets Cemented At TCL Chinese Theatre

On Tuesday (November 27th), Quincy Jones became the first film composer to be honored in the famed Chinese Theatre forecourt. 

The 85-year-old's hands and feet were cemented in honor of his stellar career which has earned him numerous Emmy, Grammy and Tony Awards and has paired him with some of the biggest names in entertainment. Not to mention, this exciting news comes on the heels of the September release of his Netflix documentary, "Quincy.'' 

Overwhelmed by the prestigious honor, Quincy talks how in "awe" he was at watching movies as a kid in Seattle, WA:

"I was so addicted at 15 years old, I can't tell you," Jones said. "... I used to sit in the theater and think about composing music for these films. And I was absolutely addicted. I could never have imagined that those dreams would lead me to here, to this moment, and to be honest, it is a little bit overwhelming."

Our real life 'Music Man' was accompanied by rapper Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, R&B singer Usher, NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and his daughter Rashida Jones who felt he deserved this honor rightfully so.

"...Since he has had his hands and foot in everything you've ever loved, this seems like the most literal, best way to celebrate him," his daughter said. "...The truth is we can never honor the wonderful, unparalleled, indelible career of Quincy Jones enough."

And we couldn't agree more! Looking back, it's important to recognize that Mr. Jones has worked on scores and original songs for dozens of films, earning him Oscar nominations for his work on "The Wiz," "The Color Purple," and "Banning," just to name a few. In fact he was the one who "put Oprah on" for her big screen debut in "The Color Purple."

Quincy is amazing!

Take a listen to hear the crew congratulate Quincy Jones and Unc reveals one of his goal son his New Years Resolution list:

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