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Steve Harvey Reacts To Being Named Forbes Top Paid TV Host

A huge congratulations goes out to our fearless leader, Steve Harvey for being named as one of The World’s Highest-Paid TV Hosts for 2018 by Forbes.

Unc lands the coveted 5th position after garnering a total of $44 million from hosting hit TV shows "Family Feud," "Steve," "Miss Universe" and "Little Big Shots." As Shirley Strawberry broke the news Thursday morning (November 29th), you could tell Unc was a bit uncomfortable. After much silence he admits, "I'm very uncomfortable with this entire conversation." The crew laughed and ensured him this is something we're all celebrating.  And if you think about it, it makes total sense. Unc has been clear from day one that when he's talking about his adventures across the globe, his lavish homes and cars and the fact they call him "Blue Cheese," because he 'be dressing" is not because he wants to brag, it's because he wants to expose all of his fans to what's possible. And ANYTHING is possible!

In fact, Unc went on a little spiel about his faith and the God he serves:

"I can tell you flat out unequivocally, without any reservation, that the only way that this little boy out of Welch, West VA, the one with the stuttering problem, the one they said wasn't never gon' be nothing, the one that flunked out of school, the one that was homeless and lived in a car for three years, that one right there. The only way I exist today is because the God I serve is a God of upheld promises and truths. If it was not for His grace and mercy on me, man."

Now take a listen to the full conversation that Unc had with the crew:

Remember, "don't give up on God 'cause He won't give up on you."

Congrats Unc!

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