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Black Millennial Entrepreneur Opens Vegan Restaurant In Brooklyn, New York

For many prominent African American communities, having healthy options to dine at can be slim to none, let alone affordable. However that narrative no longer reigns true to those in East New York thanks to Francesca Chaney. After being frustrated with the lack of healthy vegetarian options in her neighborhood, the 22-year-old felt it was only right to open a restaurant of her own.

Sol Sips, which is located in Brooklyn, New York offers a variety of vegan dishes and beverages that that are not only healthy, but affordable as well. While opening a restaurant may seem like a feat for some, the millennial entrepreneur started making all natural juices at home and successfully selling them at food festivals. 

After much hard work, Chaney is now a full blown millennial entrepreneur on a mission to provide organic meal options one bite at a time. With hopes of inspiring other young entrepreneurs, she wants folks to know that if you provide options the people will come.

“Just because the option isn’t there doesn’t mean that we’re not seeking the option.”

And get this...if you stop by on a Saturday afternoon, the restaurant allows customers to pay what they’re comfortable with. Now that's not a bad deal!

You're amazing Francesca Chanel and we salute you for making a difference in your community!

Photo: Sol Sips