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The Fellas Talk 'Side Piece' Rules For The Holiday

One thing for sure is that you can always count on Fool #2 aka J. Anthony Brown to murder a hit. In honor of the Christmas holiday, he decided to hit us with an original track, "Side Piece Santa Claus." A track dedicated to all the "number 2s" or "side pieces" and how there's still hope to be showered with gifts during this holiday season. How so? Well when you have a "side piece Santa Claus" like J, you can best believe he/she has stashed some cash away to get you a little something special.

However, it's important to take note that there are some unspoken rules to consider when being a "side piece" around the holidays. For example J., Nephew Tommy and Steve came to the agreement that "Christmas is not your day and neither is Thanksgiving." Unc continues, "the hours that you get is from 12-4:30pm Christmas Eve." While it may say harsh, let's call a spade a spade. According to these fellas it is what it is. 

Take a listen below to hear J's latest track, "Side Piece Santa Claus" and to hear the fools talk about the "side piece" rules for the holiday:

If love J's track, "Side Piece Santa Claus" as much as we do, be sure to download your copy via iTunes.