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A Woman Gets Pregnant By Her Girlfriend's Husband

In this Strawberry Letter, a young woman writes in with a big dilemma...she's pregnant with her girlfriend's husband's child! Yes, you read that correctly! A 31-year-old woman moved in with her slightly older, "undercover girlfriend" and husband, only to make her girlfriend's husband her "undercover buddy" as well. After countless unprotected sexual encounters, she ends up  pregnant and her girlfriend's husband wants her to keep the child. The catch is, he's secretly excited about it and figures they can all live together under one roof as one big happy family. 

Take a look:

"Subject: My Girlfriend’s Husband’s Baby 

Dear Steve and Shirley, 

I am a 31-year-old female and I’ve been dating a 36-year-old married woman for two years. Recently, she and her husband were having serious financial problems, so I offered to move in with them and help out with the mortgage and bills. We told her husband that I was just a co-worker that needed a place to live temporarily, and he bought it, so I moved in. When the husband was at work or hanging out on the weekends, me and my girlfriend would be getting it on, in their bedroom. After a while, the husband figured out what was going on. One day when he and I were home alone, he confronted me and told me that he knew about me and his wife. He said he was attracted to me, too, that’s why he agreed to let me move in. So that day, we ended up making sweet love in their bedroom. Now, whenever my girlfriend is out, I hook up with her husband. I love my girlfriend, but there is nothing like being with a man that puts it down the way he does. Now I see why she does not want to leave this man. So here’s my problem… I just found out that I am pregnant by my girlfriend’s husband. My girlfriend would freak out if she found out I was having sex with a man. Her husband is secretly excited about the baby and he thinks we can all live as one big happy family, but that sounds crazy to me. Should I move out and be honest with my girlfriend? Or should I give my baby a good home life with a daddy and second mom?  Please advise."

Oh wow!

Take a listen to what Shirley and Steve have to say:

I promise we do not make these stories up. These are REAL people with REAL situations.

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